The Vision

“Pro Medical Hemp Conference” is designed to bring together the world’s most dynamic cannabis players and create good opportunities to connect professionals. Kick the conventional thinking on cannabis as a drug and see the great benefits where to get inspired and connected.

A meeting space focused on the reality of sick people who use cannabis and their families. An opportunity to give voice to a group that suffers stigma, difficulties of access to an essential medicine, and persecution and disregard on the part of public institutions.

The Mission

Cannabis and health-related quality of life

If there is an area of medicine that is becoming more important is the consideration of patients not as mere recipients of treatment to alleviate the symptoms of their diseases, but the establishment of therapeutic approaches that improve the quality of life of patients, making it as standardized and autonomous as possible. Apart from the symptomatic treatment of diseases, many patients use cannabis because it distances them from their illness and gains in quality of life. With this table is intended to offer stories told in the first person by patients who use medicinal cannabis to improve their quality of life.

Learn how to clean the world with hemp!

This discussion is intended to make a critical analysis of the scientific evidence that exists today on the effectiveness of cannabis and cannabinoids. A review will be made of the different evidences and a critical analysis will be made of them. For example: most studies are not with herbal marijuana, because of the difficulty of carrying out studies. It will also expose the reality of the use of medicinal cannabis in Spain.

Cannabis was used as medicine in the past.

This clip is ABSOLUTELY Fascinating, showing us clear examples of cannabis has been used as medicine for thousands of years, including the first ever documented epilepsy case where cannabis was used to treat the condition. It will blow your mind for sure. Explained by Dr. Raphael Mechoulam